/March 2018


The project is brought to life through a joint concern for a successful real-estate development and the urban growth of our city, which is currently facing sustainability challenges.


Office building HAUG on Archdaily

/December 2017


The site is located in the Lurín Valley which is included in the urban expansion of Lima. The proposal presents a sober building that respects and looks to the surrounding landscape. In opposition to each other, the façade looking at the countryside is light and virtual in order not to break the continuity with the landscape whereas the façade that overlooks the plant is opaque and hardy, protecting the building from the noise of the plant and from the afternoon sun.


MADRESELVA on Archdaily

/July 2017


Madreselva is a project that has been developed with a sustainable approach, where the economic, social and enviromental aspects are well balanced. As such, the product is more attractive for its quality, profitability and capital gain.