MADRESELVA on Archdaily

/July 2017


Madreselva is a project that has been developed with a sustainable approach, where the economic, social and enviromental aspects are well balanced. As such, the product is more attractive for its quality, profitability and capital gain.

The project has a timeless design, which respects the surrounding environment. In addition, the interior offers a higher quality of life to its occupants, with a good distribution and large spaces. The common spaces are designed to generate armonic spaces where social interaction between neighbors could be developed. The project has considered the efficient use of materials and re-sources, that can help the building become friendly with the environment, from the first day of construction until the end of its life. This has been achieved through the use of recycled materials, with a low environment impact. In addition, gray water has been used for the irrigation of green areas in the building. In conclusion, the design improves the life of the building and lets the build-ing operate with a low cost of maintenance.