Office building HAUG on Archdaily

/December 2017


The site is located in the Lurín Valley which is included in the urban expansion of Lima. The proposal presents a sober building that respects and looks to the surrounding landscape. In opposition to each other, the façade looking at the countryside is light and virtual in order not to break the continuity with the landscape whereas the façade that overlooks the plant is opaque and hardy, protecting the building from the noise of the plant and from the afternoon sun.

The new extension also respects the existing vegetation and trees so that they become highlighted elements of the site. It is a see-through building with an exposed metal structure. The owner company produced on site the majority of the structure, making the manufacturing very fast and efficient. This also allowed the construction process to be clean and tidy with a low impact on the environment. Thanks to a standardization of details the production of the structural elements was continuous and the assembly quick. The building is an extension of an existing assemble of buildings and plants. It sits at the end of the administration axis completing it and relating and working together with the existing premises. Its orientation allows a fluid pedestrian and vehicular circulation allowing harmonic and orderly daily use of the plot.